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Real date : 29/9/2012

\Bismillahirrahmanirrahim/ . Assalamualaikum. Anneyeong chingus.

Wehee. Lame gilos aku tk update. Mcm apo dah blog aku -.- I'm sorry blog. Aku busy sngt dengan exam, PBS, presentation and whatsoever yg aku mls nk pk dahhh ! Huhh. Senafas aku cakap. Nasib tk mnjerit. Free jer kene sound dgn jiran sebelah. Haha. lol. So, how's life? Is it fantastic? Bombastic? Or its like upside down? Haha. Lek,lek. Itu lumrah hidup. Takkan ade bende yg senang klau tk lalui bnde susah. Am I right?

Yeahhh. Then, same lha dgn tuan punye blog nihh. My life recently was like. . . urghhh ! Worse. I don't know how to describe my feel rightio.  It such a great life! Haha! Is it funny? I don't think so. Suddenly, I remembered my friend's phrase. If life give you a thousand pain, show life, you have a thousand ways to smile. And I took that as my spirit when I'm down.

Life comes once and go forever. Heh. Sejak bile aku pandai bermadah nih? luls. Drop that. Hidup hanya datang sekali. If we don't appreciate it, we will regret it for whole life. Hehe. I'm become more and more addict into literature. Wuhuuu, bangga cikgu BI aku ade ank murid mcm aku. Haha. lol . K, till then, Assalamualaikum :)

Let the past, past. Go on with your new life. It is the best choice. Insya-Allah.