lil' hey lil' llo , lil' hai lil' lo .
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 - Permalink - 0 Comments

Ahhhh ;~; so freaking hottttttt ;AAA;

Bismillahirahmanirrahim , assalamualaikum and hi and hello . How're ya doing ? Fine ? Alhamdulillah , me ? Just fine . An honour to get rest finally on this week . But hell yeahhh , homework won't let me 'goyang kaki' you know -,- Such a jellish ._.

Well , theres a lottttttt things that I wants to share with you guys . But I guess it can't be written in such a small space like this right ? HAHA lol . I'm getting weird these days /scratching hair/ . School was just fine /sigh/ Ya' know , with THAT PBS I'm getting crazzier day by day . I'm dying guys ;~~~; How I wish I could throw away myself apart from that little stupid thing called PBS -,-

Sometimes , there is a thought pop-ed up saying "kan best kalau aku tak pilih sekolah asrama penuh nihh" . But it won't change anything isn't it ? /sigh/ I just .... i just wanna have a one fine day for me . Away from school , friends , problems , homeworks , pbs , and those things that makes me pressured , enough to make me carzy ya' know ?

And now , right on 1:16 a.m on 14/2/13 , Never Grow Up is currently playing . Give the sounds through my ears . What a coincident , lol . Till then , I'm getting my way , babaii /waving/ :)

Adios .